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Learn how to add Onsite Women’s Health services to your practice.

It’s time for a new standard for breast care.
It’s time for personalization in breast care.
It’s time for convenience in breast care.

It’s time for Onsite Women’s Health.

Convenience Drives Compliance. Compliance Saves Lives.

Onsite Women’s Health is a value proposition that benefits your practice, your patients, and your bottom line.

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How many times have you heard patients say,

“I’m too busy for a mammogram”?

They have a point.

Mammograms often require a separate appointment at a different location. It’s easy to put off or forget.

For Patients
Onsite Women’s Health:
  • Improves accessibility to breast cancer screening
  • Closes mammography care gaps
  • Aids in the early detection of breast cancer
  • Ensures continuity of care
Onsite makes it possible to offer patients the comfort, convenience, and continuity of in-office mammography screening with the most advanced imaging technology.
For Your Practice
Onsite Women’s Health:
  • Allows you to add or upgrade to 3D mammography
  • Requires minimal effort and no capital cost
  • Creates an additional source of income with minimal effort
  • And vastly improves patient satisfaction
For Your Practice
Onsite Women’s Health:
  • Ensures easy patient access to state-of-the-art mammography services 
  • Creates a one-stop women’s healthcare environment
  • Covers capital expenses for equipment
  • Recruits, trains, and staffs highly-qualified mammography technologists
  • Studies read by dedicated team of breast specialists


Personalized Breast Health requires a risk assessment to categorize risk factors and support customized preventative healthcare.
With Onsite, practice services expand to include:

Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Mammography

Starting at age 40, every woman should have an annual mammogram and those at higher risk even earlier. With Onsite, this is an integral part of an annual physical without ever leaving your practice. Additionally, when patients notice unusual changes in their breasts or need further screening after their regular mammogram, help them take the critical next steps in their care.

Automated Breast Ultrasound:

Adding ultrasound imaging to annual mammograms improves breast cancer detection in women with dense breasts.

Radiologists and Techs

Onsite Women’s Health boasts fellowship-trained breast imaging specialists. Onsite is committed to maintaining the highest standards, and practice partners always have a say in the selection of their radiology expert.

“No doubt, by offering [Onsite] in our office, our patients see us as a top-tier OB-GYN practice. It sets us apart that we’re able to offer this service along with others to make it a one-stop-shop for our patients.”

– David Carmichael Executive Administrator, Birmingham, AL

Hear What Clients Have to Say

90%+ Patient Capture Rates

90%+ Patient Capture Rates

98% Client Retention Rate

98% Client Retention Rate

National presence with centers in 23 states

National presence with centers in 23 states

Nearly 100 practice locations

Nearly 100 practice locations

Nearly 60,000 Risk Assessment exams performed since January 2018

Nearly 60,000 Risk Assessment exams performed since January 2018

1.5 million total scans since 2013

1.5 million total scans since 2013


If you have a passion for patient care, enjoy a rigorous pace, yet want the weekend for yourself, consider a career with Onsite Women’s Health. Onsite is more than a job, we offer long-term, satisfying careers.

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