Our Platform

At the core of Onsite Women’s Health is proprietary software we call PINk for Patient Information Network.
PINk protocols are the key to increasing both efficiency and reliability tailored to address the needs of patients, physicians, and administrators.


PINk Platform

EHR Integration

PINk merges with individual patient’s electronic health records identifying who should have annual screenings, making it easier to track women to ensure they are current on their exams and issued a “plain-language” report.

In addition, Onsite will schedule and follow up on diagnostic procedures.

Reporting & Metrics

PINk makes it easy to obtain valuable information regarding a patient population. With simple to track marketing efforts partner practices benefit from more patients taking advantage of this life-saving service.

Centralized Data

Fragmented medical records can lead to gaps in care. PINk dovetails easily with existing electronic patient records to ensure continuity of care for patients.

Practice partners do not have to invest in software or systems upgrades. PINk records are securely maintained on Onsite servers, and PINk software is continuously updated.

But we don’t stop there. Onsite is constantly evaluating and adjusting systems such as electronic risk assessment and AI breast density software to adapt to the needs of our partners and the continually evolving healthcare environment.

Patient CRM

Working with your practice, Onsite targets eligible patients with customized marketing materials, such as emails, brochures, banners, flyers, and more. Onsite marketing experts provide practice partners with all the resources needed to promote new mammography service.


In addition to installing state-of-the-art tomosynthesis equipment in the practice, Onsite equips all radiologists with advanced read stations, high-speed internet connections, and cloud-based, redundant image storage capacity providing a complete end-to-end solution.


Onsite Support Services

After contracting with Onsite, a comprehensive process to install and implement the service kicks-off. Practice partners need only provide the exam space and follow the Onsite implementation guidelines.

If your practice doesn’t have an existing exam room, the Onsite Implementation Team has years of installation experience in practices of all physical sizes and will provide design advice, renovation coordination, and project management throughout the process.
Patient Engagement
Onsite Marketing and Patient Awareness Programs make it possible to inform patients of the availability of in-office 3D mammography screening. Internal staff isn’t burdened with the need to communicate with patients because Onsite provides all the resources and marketing support necessary to reach out to engage patients.
Industry-leading training
Onsite values the importance of staying ahead of breast cancer to beat breast cancer.
Onsite relieves practice partners of the burden of compliance. Our dedicated compliance department is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all federal and state accreditations, certifications, and licensing associated with our installations.

Practices are subject to STARK/Anti-Kickback legislation governing self-referrals. These regulations exempt specific procedures from their scope, including annual mammograms as seen in the yearly DHS Code List Addendum on the CMS.gov website.
With an Onsite partnership, there is no need to worry about hiring, retaining, or paying qualified professionals. Onsite hires and manages all personnel, including technologists and coordinators, while the practice has final say on who joins the organization. We oversee their duties, from scheduling vacations and responding to sick days to managing payroll.
The Onsite Launch Team works with your staff to ensure that all mammography coding is identified and accounted for before service commences. Our end-to-end comprehensive onboarding orientation trains your staff to schedule, use the correct coding, and answer patient questions. And any additional support is just a phone call away.