Why Onsite Women’s Health?

Every woman deserves healthcare that’s personalized to her risk level, genetic profile, and family history.

They also need a familiar place where questions are welcome, and answers easily provided. Combine those with continuity of care from their trusted healthcare partner and you have Onsite Women’s Health. Onsite provides breast cancer screening and diagnostic services delivered right from your office.

When Onsite clinical expertise, innovative technology, proprietary protocols combine with compassionate care delivered by OB/GYN and Family Practices it creates unmatched women’s healthcare.

Enhanced Clinical Quality

Tomosynthesis (3D mammography) can detect cancers sooner than traditional mammography. Onsite makes it possible to offer patients the comfort, convenience, and discretion of in-office mammography screening using the most advanced imaging technology.

Radiology Expertise

Onsite incorporates board-certified and fellowship-trained breast imaging specialized radiologists to read mammogram studies. These radiologists specialize in 3D mammograms, and many have read tens of thousands of images. Studies have shown that more reads produce a consistently higher quality.

Onsite radiologists are at the peak of their profession participating in numerous landmark studies and research papers, such as Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography, published by JAMA.

Enhanced Clinical Quality

With the Onsite program, your practice benefits from an additional source of income with minimal effort simply by closing the mammography care gap and increasing patient access to breast cancer screening right in your office.

Onsite thoroughly analyzes the relationship between cost, patient volume, and insurers’ reimbursement rates to confirm a sufficient pool of appropriate women to make the service and relationship successful for everyone. Coupled with no capital investment and providing the best care for your patients, Onsite will set your practice apart from others in your area while contributing to your bottom line.

Comprehensive Compliance + Risk Management

Our dedicated compliance department is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all federal and state accreditations, certifications, and licensing associated with our installations. Onsite radiologists carry comprehensive professional liability insurance, including extended reporting endorsements.


Practices face many of the uphill battles that other healthcare settings do: trained employee recruitment and retention is often front and center. Onsite Women’s Health provides a comprehensive approach to staffing, training, and managing licensed and accredited mammography technologists. Our network of dedicated breast radiologists currently provides over 350,000 mammography interpretations each year. Let Onsite Women’s Health step in to help your patients move toward “one-stop-shopping” when it comes to their annual screenings and care.

Hospital Clients

Hospitals and health systems have an endless supply of needs: technology upgrades, replacement equipment, staff training and patient satisfaction— the list goes on. By partnering with Onsite Women’s Health, your organization can increase convenient access to best in class mammography services and identifying more early stage breast cancer.

Even if your organizational budget doesn’t allow for upgraded breast screening services, Onsite can step in with startup capital and expertise to expand your services. Onsite Women’s Health provides a comprehensive approach to staffing, training, and managing licensed and accredited mammography technologists. Our network of dedicated breast radiologists currently provide over 350,000 mammography interpretations each year. Let Onsite Women’s Health demonstrate how we can leverage our scale and expertise to benefit your facility.

Physicians to Women

“Onsite is just the fit we needed for our practice. Our patients are pleased that we provide this service, our compliance has increased, the tech and radiologist are extremely efficient, and most importantly, our revenue has increased.”

– Denise Moore, PHR Business Administrator | Physicians to Women, P.A. | Stuart, FL



Q: What guidelines does Onsite subscribe to regarding patient age and frequency of screening mammography?
A: Onsite has maintained that all women 40 years of age and older should receive an annual screening mammogram. Women below the age of 40 with an increased risk of breast cancer, such as family history, should also receive a yearly screening mammogram.

National organizations advocating the same position include:

  • American Medical Association
  • American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  • American College of Radiology
  • Society of Breast Imaging
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Q. Who performs radiological interpretations?
A: Onsite contracts with board-certified radiologists who specialize in breast imaging. Accordingly, they are skilled and experienced interpreters of 2D mammography exams and 3D mammography studies.

Each radiologist reads images from assigned client locations through a secure and proprietary portal. A physician report for each interpreted exam is generated and transmitted back for inclusion in the patient’s EHR. A patient “plain-language” report (required by regulation) is also generated and mailed to each patient’s home address.

Q. Will 3D mammography replace 2D mammography?
A: As of 2021, 3D mammograms comprise 77% of all mammograms completed in the US. Radiologists who interpret 3D mammograms can attest to its clinical superiority. Patients, especially women, have become more knowledgeable about the benefits of 3D mammography, and in an era of healthcare self-advocacy, they are demanding access to this life-saving technology.
Q. Our practice is on hospital property. Is that an issue?
A: In most situations, this is not an issue. If it becomes a challenge, Onsite will work with your practice to achieve a favorable outcome.


Insurance and Reimbursement

Q. Is 3D mammography reimbursed?

A: Yes, 3D mammography is today’s standard of care and is reimbursed accordingly by every major insurance plan.

Q. We don’t currently offer mammography services. Before I contract with Onsite, how can I find out what my reimbursements will be?
A: Onsite will provide the billing codes for delivery of mammography services through your practice so you can review your contracts with each carrier to determine your reimbursement total.