Onsite Women’s Health and Volpara Health Announce National Partnership

by | Feb 7, 2023

Onsite Women’s Health, a leading national provider of breast health services, announces partnership with Volpara Health to adopt Volpara® Analytics™, an artificial intelligence (AI) software tool that improves mammography quality by assessing every mammogram image for appropriate positioning, compression and radiation dose. This partnership will be implemented in phases, deploying to all Onsite locations nationally this year.

“Onsite’s overarching goal is to consistently provide the best mammography quality, patient experience and to detect breast cancers at the earliest stage possible. We are committed to cutting edge investments that improve breast health care,” says Brian Marger, chief executive officer, Onsite Women’s Health. “We appreciate Volpara’s commitment to quality as we embark on achieving new levels of breast care with their AI tools.”

Mammography quality is critical for the early detection of cancer. If a breast is not positioned properly  – cancer can be missed. With their advanced image analysis technology and common quality measures applied across the organization, Volpara will provide mammography technologists feedback for each exam and identifiy areas of high performance and areas needing improvement.

“Onsite’s progressive approach to mammography services challenges the status quo like Volpara’s software. The convenience of having a mammogram done in the primary care or OBGYN office during an annual exam shows an understanding of the busy lives of women,” says Teri Thomas, chief executive officer, Volpara Health. “Women want confidence that they are not sacrificing quality for access, and it is fantastic they receive personalized care with help from our solutions. We are delighted to partner with Onsite to deliver a world class experience and save more families from cancer.”

“We know mammography quality is critical for the early detection of cancer, our number one priority,” says Susan Holley, MD, PhD, clinical Director of research and development, Onsite Women’s Health.  “Improper positioning can leave tissue out and removes the opportunity to see a cancer. Volpara Analytics software will help us improve and sustain quality through consistent, fair and unbiased assessment of positioning and overall mammography quality.”

About Onsite Women’s Health
Onsite Women’s Health is the leading provider of convenient breast health services, including 3D Tomosynthesis mammography screening and diagnostic services and screening breast ultrasound powered by an AI-driven strategy. Onsite partnerships support screening compliance by ensuring preventive breast care is convenient, accessible, and personalized to the individual risk profile of each patient. By utilizing advanced risk assessment tools, Onsite creates a personalized breast care plan for each patient applying the latest technology and expert review to each service. Onsite services increase patient satisfaction, improves breast health compliance, and serves as a revenue opportunity for our practice clients. For more information visit us at: www.onsitewomenshealth.com

About Volpara Health (ASX: VHT)
Volpara Health makes software to save families from cancer. Healthcare providers use Volpara to better understand cancer risk, empower patients in personal care decisions, and guide recommendations about additional imaging, genetic testing, and other interventions. Our AI-powered image analysis enables radiologists to quantify breast tissue with precision and helps technologists produce mammograms with optimal image quality, positioning, compression, and dose. In an industry facing increasing staffing shortages, our software streamlines operations and provides key performance insights that support continuous quality improvement.

Volpara is the preferred partner of leading healthcare institutions around the world. Our software is used in over 2,000 facilities by more than 5,000 technologists, impacting nearly 15 million patients globally. It helps providers conduct more than three million cancer risk assessments each year and can be deployed stand-alone or fully integrated with electronic health record systems, mammography reporting systems, imaging hardware, and genetic laboratories. Volpara holds the most rigorous security certifications and numerous patents and regulatory registrations, including FDA clearance and CE marking. Since listing on the ASX in April 2016, the Company has raised A$132 million. With an office in Seattle, Volpara is based in Wellington, New Zealand. For more information visit us at www.volparahealth.com.