Onsite Women’s Health Establishes Partnership with Dr. Nadar and Associates

by | Jan 5, 2023

Onsite Women’s Health, a leading national provider of breast health services, partners with Dr. Nadar and Associates, M.D., P.C. to provide in-office 3D mammography service. Dr. Nadar and Associates, M.D., P.C. has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology in Las Vegas for over 17 years and the first partner in the state of Nevada for Onsite Women’s Health. The North Las Vegas office offers a wide range of services including prenatal care, birth control, annual pap tests and more.

“My goal is to provide excellent comprehensive healthcare to women in the Las Vegas community. We ensure the patients exams are as comfortable and convenient as possible. In-office screening mammography helps us do just that,” says Nader Abdelsayed, M.D. “Our practice is filled with kind, compassionate people dedicated to their patient’s well-being, and we do everything we can to help make their healthcare journey easier.”

Onsite Women’s Health is an innovator in the delivery of breast health services. Through a collaborative care model, Onsite partners with OB/GYN and primary care practices nationwide enabling healthcare providers to offer comprehensive breast health services, including but not limited to mammography, breast tomosynthesis (or “3D mammography”) and screening breast ultrasound. In addition, Onsite offers a tailored risk assessment to develop personalized care plans for women with a family history, lifestyle and other risk factors including genetics.

“We are honored to announce the partnership with Dr. Nadar and Associates, M.D., P.C. This collaboration, the first one in the state of Nevada, allows Onsite Women’s Health to provide convenient, high quality breast care for patients in the Las Vegas community,” says Jillian Wright, chief operating officer, Onsite Women’s Health. “We firmly believe convenience drives compliance – and compliance saves lives. We continue to focus our momentum to offer more convenient breast cancer screening opportunities to women across the country.”

Onsite is currently operating in 25 states with two more states being added soon. They have performed 1.5 million studies since 2013 and conducted 98,000 risk assessment exams since January 2018.

About Onsite Women’s Health
Onsite Women’s Health is the leading provider of convenient breast health services, including 3D Tomosynthesis mammography screening and diagnostic services and screening breast ultrasound powered by an AI-driven strategy. Onsite partnerships support screening compliance by ensuring preventive breast care is convenient, accessible, and personalized to the individual risk profile of each patient. By utilizing advanced risk assessment tools, Onsite creates a personalized breast care plan for each patient applying the latest technology and expert review to each service. Onsite services increase patient satisfaction, improves breast health compliance, and serves as a revenue opportunity for our practice clients. For more information visit us at: www.onsitewomenshealth.com

About Dr. Nadar and Associates, M.D., P.C.
We are proud to serve the women of the Las Vegas community in obstetrics and gynecology and have been serving the area since 1996. The driving force behind our practice is to empower all women with the ability to access resources to improve their own health and the health of those around them. Thanks to our combined years of experience, we can help you with your needs quickly and effectively. The staff will work together with you to achieve not only good gynecologic health but good overall health as well. We look forward to serving your healthcare needs. For more information, call 702-818-1919 or go to: https://www.naderobgyn.com