Medicom Technologies Inc. and Onsite Women’s Health Establish Strategic Partnership Impacting Early Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment

by | Nov 3, 2023

Medicom Technologies Inc. (Medicom) proudly announces its partnership with Onsite Women’s Health (Onsite), a leading national provider of breast health services. With a dedicated mission to elevate the patient and clinician journey through advancements in medical image exchange, Medicom and Onsite Women’s Health set the stage for transformative advancements in breast cancer detection.

In partnership with forward-thinking providers across the country, Onsite offers comprehensive breast imaging services and is committed to saving more women’s lives through earlier cancer detection. Both organizations advocate for an industry-wide focus on improving interoperability for medical image exchange. Women’s health is particularly impacted by access to comprehensive medical histories, especially past mammograms, and related imaging data for comparison, which are critical for early diagnosis and more effective breast cancer treatments.

“Following an extensive search, we determined that Medicom offers the most comprehensive solution for sharing images and reports across our more than 116 locations in 26 states,” said Jillian Wright, President and Chief Operating Officer of Onsite Women’s Health. “This partnership and investment is part of our broader strategy to use technology to support our clinicians, detect breast cancer, and enhance patient care.”

Medicom’s established track record of empowering its customers to bridge critical gaps in interoperability across their formerly disparate health networks extends beyond solutions for administrative and operational workflows. Their products directly contribute to accurate, timely, and efficient diagnosis and treatment for thousands of patients across the country.

“We are truly excited to embark on this partnership with Onsite Women’s Health, a collaboration that embodies our shared commitment to advancing women’s healthcare through seamless medical image exchange. At Medicom, we recognize the critical role of interoperability in facilitating timely and accurate diagnoses, particularly in breast cancer detection,” shares Malcolm Benitz, President of Medicom. “This alliance marks a significant stride forward in our mission to empower healthcare providers, patients, and researchers with comprehensive, accessible data, ultimately contributing to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes. We are honored to support Onsite Women’s Health in their unwavering dedication to early cancer detection and personalized care, as we collectively strive to enhance the quality of women’s healthcare services across the nation.”

About Medicom Technologies, Inc.

Medicom is a health-tech company dedicated to accelerating access to clinically relevant data for healthcare delivery and advanced research. Medicom enables providers, patients, and research organizations to search and share data across disparate ecosystems through a decentralized health information network. Data and insights from the Medicom Network help clinicians and researchers advance patient care and aid in the development of new therapies.

About Onsite Women’s Health

In partnership with forward-thinking providers across the country, Onsite Women’s Health offers comprehensive breast imaging services – including 3D screening mammography, automated screening breast ultrasound, diagnostic mammography/breast ultrasound, and lifetime breast cancer risk assessment. Onsite is committed to saving more women’s lives through earlier cancer detection and is materially impacting breast cancer screening compliance and detection rates through offering convenient access to mammography, contracting with breast-focused radiologists, and utilizing the most innovative equipment and AI-powered technology available on the market. By offering the ability to risk assess patients using tools powered by AI, Onsite supports the providers’ ability to offer personalized and precise care plans to patients based on individual risk profiles. Onsite services increase patient satisfaction, improve breast health services, and offer an additional revenue opportunity for practice partners. Since its founding in 2008, Onsite has performed more than two million exams across 26 states.


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